California – An Outdoor Haven

Everything You Need in One State

California is one of America’s most famous states for many reasons. From its destination as a hub for those allured by a bohemian lifestyle to the glitz and glamour of tinsel town, the state is well known for its many subcultures both good and bad. Another fantastic thing about the state is that it has seemingly every form of climate within its borders. What this means is that unlike many states or even countries that have very general weather conditions (such as Australia’s heat and England’s grey dreariness) this place is unique in that an entirely different environment is accessible by a simple drive. This makes it an absolutely perfect place for outdoor sports of all kinds.

The Desert Heat

To the southeast of California are vast amounts of desert. Sands stretch far and wide with dunes big enough for sand surfing. These open spaces are perfect for racing dune buggies and as a result are used as the filming locations for many films involving sandy isolated areas needed for big dusty car races. California has 17 different desert regions which means lots and lots of sand to set up events such as the music and art festival Coachella which is located here annually.

The Salty Surf

On the opposite end of the scale and on the opposite side along its western coastline are the many beaches of California. These spots are iconic in surfing communities thanks to places such as Santa Cruz and Huntington which are idea spots for pros and amateurs alike as the culture here is very surf centric. Of course beaches have many sports you can get stuck into too as well as many boat related sports. From riding the waves at full speed in a jet ski to flying over the sea while parasailing, the many variations available for those who love the ocean are ever expanding.

The Shivering Snows

Though you may envision constant heat in California, many are surprised to find that some places are often cold here too. Even in the southern regions the change in terrain and ascending mountains make for very different areas that have been turned into ideal ski resorts. Bear mountain ski resort sits oddly close to Arizona, while the Northstar resort is unsurprisingly much further northward. These places are home to the same snow topped hills that you would expect anywhere else and offer all the snowy fun you could want.

The Lush Forests

Last but not least are California’s beautiful woodland areas. Walks and hikes around these places can have you ascending mountains or simply walking through flat areas of open green. Of course, recently the forest fires that struck the state did a great deal of damage but there are still many other areas that you can visit. Here activities such as rock climbing, highlining and more are commonly conducted amongst the trees and rocky cliffs. Many of the greatest areas are within the confines of its several National Parks, and all astonishingly close to the other 3 areas, making California a wonderland of sorts.