Outdoor Pursuits and Exploring the Land

Some types of outdoor pursuits do not need an adrenalin rush to be enjoyed. Just the simple pleasure of finding peace in nature, relaxing and enjoying life can be achieved by just visiting the great outdoors. The most basic types of pursuit are those involved with tourism. Visiting a new place, whether it be in urban areas or rural areas involves wondering around a given location exploring places of cultural and historical interest.

The major cities of the world attract millions of visitors each year who explore the sites of significant interest. Certain cites will attract people for different reasons and some of these will involve people walking around the area looking at the sights on offer. London is a good example of a city that people are able to take advantage. Within a relatively short area people can comfortably walk between the sights. The journeys in London are often broken by green areas in the shape of public parks. Many people will wish to visit both Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament due to the cultural significance of both venues, and these places are surrounded by Green Park, St James Park and Hyde Park.

Other cities, such as Los Angeles will prove equally as popular but for other reasons. In Los Angeles the nearby location of vast beaches will give tourists the opportunity to take advantage of sun and surf for a relaxing holiday. This can be broken by a more active adventure of walking around and visiting the world-famous film industry at nearby Hollywood. The real adventurers want to explore the wilderness and stay in the wild. The availability of exploring the more remote areas has been improved over the years as governments have created parks and improved access into these regions. Special sites are set aside for tourists to stay in. Camp sites give visitors opportunities to stay in the areas for extended periods of time. From these places people then can go off and explore the surrounding country side.

Buckingham Palace surrounded by greenery

Camp and caravan sites attract both walkers and cyclists. The added bonus is that governments can control people coming into these environmentally sensitive areas so that the wilderness as well as being appreciated can also be protected. Other park area swill also attracts visitors such as amusement parks. Amusement parks such as Coney Island in New York have been around for years. However, in recent times newer parks have been created with spectacular rides.

Thorpe Park on the south west edge of London has been attracting millions of visitors each year since its opening in 1979.  The Park is especially attractive to young visitors as it provides a wide variety of rides and entertainments that can be explored. Safari Parks also give visitors the opportunity of seeing animals surviving in their natural environment. The size of these parks can vary enormously with the smaller ones such as Longleat in Wiltshire, proving popular in the smaller countries. The largest nature area is the Kaza Park whose area covers parts of Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The size is similar to that of the whole of Italy and visitors are able to explore the huge region, which gives such a wide variety of ecosystems with an abundance of different species of animals.

The golden sands of Venice Beach in Los Angeles

There are many different ways that man can use outdoor pursuits to explore the environment. The development of ecotourism has enabled countries to make available their most environmentally sensitive areas while still managing and protecting these regions.