Outdoor Pursuits and the Retail Trade

There is a strong relationship between the retail trade and outdoor pursuits. This relationship however, is not a straight forward one preparing for a trip to the outside world will depend on many variables and these will influence the type of purchasing the customer will make.

Snow and Rock store for outdoor activities

The first thing about outdoor pursuits is that not everyone loves them, but most people give the activities a try. So many people who may be preparing for their first camping expedition or walk or skiing holiday are doing it with the knowledge that it may be the first and last time they take this type of adventure.

With this mind it is hardly surprising that there is a huge market for renting and hiring all clothing and equipment needs for these activities, plus there are also many second hand suppliers available for those people who don’t mind purchasing goods that may have already been used.

Those vast majority of people who go skiing will always hire the boots and skis the first time they head to the mountains. However in terms of ski Jackets and salopettes it is entirely down to the individual tom whether they buy or rent. The sensible option is to rent but the majority of people do not think like that when they want to look good on the ski slopes.

It seems strange that just for the simple pleasure of exploring the natural environment the clothes that need to be worn in such potentially hazardous conditions are not cheap. Clothing manufacturers have gone to great expense to produce the most high tech jackets trousers gloves and boots. They are essential requirements and of course this is reflected in the price.

North Face tops for both the wilderness and the high street

This has produced a buoyant retail battle as many manufacturers are keen to be a part of this market. With the guarantee of these types of holidays attracting new customers each year and the high price of the merchandise has meant that there many operators keen to both produce and sell the merchandise.

Many of the top department stores have separate outward bound departments that have both clothing and equipment for sale and hire. There are also shops that specialize in the sale of these goods. Originally these shops were found in areas like Alpine villages or the towns of Nepal close to the Annarpurna trail, but nowadays they are found in many major shopping outlets.

The clothing is now seen as part of fashion and is worn both in and away from the wilderness. Snow and Rock are a group of stores that have opened 18 different outlets around the UK and they specialize in equipment for outdoor activities. The United Kingdom used to rely on the Millets stores but now more and more stores are entering the outdoor activities market.

The sales from clothes normally associated with outdoors activities have been boosted with their acceptance as being worn as part of fashion. Manufacturers such as North Face have the highest reputation for producing clothing suitable for wearing in the harshest climatic conditions, yet people are also happy to be seen wearing their clothing label. The retail trade from outdoor activities has seen it expanding in recent years, and there is no reason why this trend should stop in the foreseeable future.