Outdoor Recreation and Mountain Sports

Mountain sports and activities can give the participators a real sense of wonderment as just being a part of such spectacular scenery can. At the same time the feeling is made more special that the area can be at least described as a little dangerous, so there is a certain thrill on visiting mountain areas. Despite the obvious dangers of the steep topography, unstable underneath foot conditions and the variable climate, the mountain areas provide numerous activities that visitors can participate in.

The most obvious sport is mountaineering. As well as rock climbing, the mountaineer also has to trek. There is a long history of mountaineering as People have attempted to conquer the world’s highest peaks. This has produce mountaineers who have become household names as various mountains have become scaled for the first time. There are 14 independent mountains over 8000 metres in height, and by 1953 only one had not been conquered and that was the highest, Mount Everest which stands at 8,848 metres. On May 29, 1953 the summit was reached by Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay. Nowadays many expeditions are organized all around the world to tackle the world’s highest summits. The most popular destination is the Annapurna Pass in the Himalayas, as if offers many summits to reach all of varying difficulties.

Hilary and Torgay together after scaling Mount Everest

Since the end of the Second World War many ski areas have been opened in a number of different locations all around the world. This has led to the increasing popularity of skiing and snowboarding as both recreational activities and sports. Just learning to become a basic skier on the gentlest of slopes is an exhausting activity. The benefits to the participators are huge although there are obvious dangers from taking part in such an activity. The more experienced the skier, or the snowboarder, becomes does not guarantee safety, as the more difficult slopes are now tackled.

The ski areas have resulted in the mountains being made more accessible with lifts and cable cars being erected. In the summer months these transport networks are used by visitors who wish to partake in other outdoor recreational activities. Trekkers, rock climbers and mountain cyclists will all use these modes of transport to access the most remote areas. Mountain cycling has become more popular, especially with the increased media coverage of the Tour de France. In this race that lasts a little over 3 weeks, the cyclists are seen racing up and down the steep mountain roads in the Alps and the Pyrenees. This has led to many people taking cycling holidays in mountainous areas while also taking advantage of the areas camp sites. These locations often have large lakes which are the sites for water based outdoor pursuits, so the combination of both is an appealing factor for summer visits to the upland areas.

Not many people can ski like Alberta Tomba

Just being in the mountains, walking through still valleys, scaling steep slopes and enjoying the magnificent scenery is enough to attract people. Camping in the mountains is a past time enjoyed by many and summer activities in these areas are becoming as popular as winter ones. Mountain areas give a wide range of outdoor activities that the public can enjoy.