Outdoor Recreation Within Urban Areas

It may appear that it would be contradictory to have outdoor activities within urban areas however the modern city has created many areas of open space for these types of activities to take place. There are many cities that have a reputation of being green cities. Vancouver city in Canada is enclosed between the mountains and the sea. There are 200 parks and 18 miles of coastline for the citizens of the city to enjoy.

Cyclists on the Stanley Park Seawall route

There are 249 miles of bike routes through the city. The Stanley Park seawall which separates Stanley Park from the Ocean offers cyclists a 12-mile ride along the coastline and into the Pacific Spirit Park. Stanley Park covers 400 hectares and was voted the best park in the world in 2014 by TripAdvisor. Due to its close location to the city many people are able to tour around the park by foot bike or even roller blade. Other activities in the park include the outdoor heated pool, the aquarium and two freshwater lakes. The lakes give people the opportunity to fish and rent out boats to enjoy the scenery.

London has incorporated a policy to make it one of the greenest cities on the earth. It already has an abundance of world famous parks but has implemented a variety of policies to keep traffic out of the centre of the city. They are now attempting to power the city with locally powered green sources that will reduce the capital’s CO2 emissions by 60%. Old industrial sites have been regenerated into green areas. One of the best example is the London Wetlands Centre which is located at Barnes Elms which is just a 10 minutes stroll from Hammersmith. The area used to be old Victorian reservoirs, but it now gives people the opportunity to walk around the site and look at the wild life that is attracted into the area.

London Wetlands Centre surrounded by the urban environment

The city has a network of Royal Parks with the 9 covering a wide area of the city. Within these areas there are a wide range of activities available. There is an abundance of wild life to view with deer and swans being present in both Greenwich and Richmond Parks. Within Hyde Park is the Serpentine Lake. Regardless of the time of year and conditions the Serpentine Swimming Club meet every day in the morning to swim. As well as hosting the swimming club the lake also has boating activities on it.

There are many gyms located in central London with the big companies such as Virgin Active being present in a number of locations. There are sites in Liverpool Street, the Barbican, Moorgate and Tower Bridge which are mainly present for the working population that enters the city every day. Climbing is also available with facilities, such as the Castle Climbing Centre which was opened in 1995. Located in Manor House the facility enables climbers to attempt over 450 roped and lead routes, and even provides an extensive range of bouldering surfaces.

There are even activities for those people looking for an adrenalin rush. IntoTheBlue have a bungee jump at the O2 arena. People are taking up 160 feet in the air by a crane and then they are attached by a harness to the platform. After jumping the participators are given an amazing view of South East London during the exhilarating series of bounces up and down. These activities that have been highlighted in London are also available in many other cities. The modern-day public are well educated in terms of health-related issues. Even when at work within the major urban areas, people are looking forward to leaving their office environment during breaks to take advantage of any open space.