Skiing and snowboarding around the world

Skiing and snowboarding are both popular winter Olympic sports but they are also a popular form of recreation. The vast majority of people who are targeted to commit to a holiday in the snow are never going to get beyond the red slopes let alone attend an Olympic games, yet take time each year to plan their annual visit to the mountains.

Austrian ski team in training

Austrian ski team in trainingIn fact in terms of the economic benefit to a mountain resort the average tourist will bring in far more revenue to a community than international skiers. The amount of money tourists will spend away from the slopes will be vast, including expensive restaurant bills and shopping trips. The top class skiers will use the slopes intensively but at the end of the day they will be refueling on a diet expected from a world class athlete, and will retire to bed early in order to be in peak physical condition for the following days training, or even competition.

The beauty of skiing and snowboarding as a recreation is that it caters for the whole family. Usually the younger members of the family will be put into ski school for the morning in order to receive top class tuition. This will often give the elder members of the family an opportunity for a free ski and time to enjoy the mountain surroundings and the holiday.

Ski school is always popular

Ski school is always popularFamilies then can spend the afternoon together using both activities as a form of social bonding exploring the different runs that each resort has to offer. The holiday is also used extensively by schools as educational trips.

Each winter sees huge numbers of schools depart for the mountains in both Europe and North America. Skiing holiday are seen as an important component of schools extra-curricular component and it is a “feather in the cap” if a school organizes a regular trip to the slopes.

These trips are vital for the smaller resorts to survive. There is an undoubted “pecking order” in terms of the attractiveness of each resort with the more famous ones attracting regular tourists. However, the smaller ones are able to attract school parties with bargain prices. They still need to pay for all of the costs and their presence employs huge numbers of instructors.

Many of the larger resorts offer many different types of entertainments to keep the tourists happy. The bars and the restaurants are famed for the opportunity for skiers to recall tales of their day’s skiing, however many of the resorts have been so developed that there are many unexpected entertainments on offer.

One of the most exclusive ski resorts in the world is St Moritz in Switzerland. As well as offering beautiful mountain skiing during the day, the resort boasts the highest end shopping in the world. The main street is home to designer shops, such as Chanel and Bulgari, and there are numerous 5 star hotels, with high class accommodation being offered throughout the region.

The annual polo match in St Moritz

The annual polo match in St MoritzIt has its own airport and each year 10,000 private jet flights take off and land into it. There are numerous other activities on offer such as the ice skating on its frozen lake or watching the annual polo match that is played also on the ice.

One of the most popular hotels is the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, because in its west wing is the Casino St Moritz. The casino boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant and the casino accepts customers in formal wear to its seven tables that are open until 3am in the morning.

However those skiers who like to visit the casinos are also attracted to Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Here the town has several ski areas in its location and also has a large number of casinos that are controlled by Nevada State gaming laws. This means that they are open 24 hours a day.

The Montbleu Spa Resort and Casino

The Montbleu Spa Resort and CasinoOne of the most popular is the Montbleu Spa Resort and Casino. Over the years it has changed its name a number of times, but has always attracted celebrities, who as well as skiing and playing golf, loved to play the tables. Michael Jordon, Randy Quaid and Kenny Rogers would regularly be seen in the casino playing the same tables as regular customers.

Many of the top resorts around the world have popular casinos, but the increasing popularity of on-line gambling sites means that there is no need for skiers to choose a resort based on these factors. It is so easy today, with the global availability of the internet, for skiers after a great day in the mountains to remain in the comfort of their hotel room and visit an online gambling web site such as

The advantage of skiing and snowboarding as a form of recreation is that it can be seen by different people in different ways. For some it is about learning and mastering a new skill, while other people will see it as a great way to get exercise while being on holiday.

The added bonus is that those who experience the activity will do so in some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, and this alone is enough to see many people revisit the mountains each year.