Taking Tech Outside

It may come as no surprise to you that today less and less people are spending their time outdoors. From the rise of coach entertainment to the ever-expanding era of the smartphone, people have more reason to stay inside and stay inactive than ever before. Though certain TV shows may try and motivate you to get up and amongst nature, few people actually take this upon themselves and thus a sedentary life befalls millions especially in the west. The smartphone is a different creature however, and although in the long run it may negatively affect our ability to interact with one another, and give our necks and shoulders some undue stress from looking down at them permanently, there are ways in which these devices can lead us through the front door and back into the world outside. Thanks to the unending supply of new applications for each online marketplace, companies are coming up with exciting new ways to excite and reward phone users for spending more time on their feet and getting people to head to specific spots outside, meaning the potential to cheat these systems becomes miniscule. Here are some of the advances that you may need to employ in order to expose kids (or closeted adults) into getting some much-needed sunlight.

Pedometer Games

This is an ingenious idea thanks to phone games being a prime suspect in causing people to sit inactive for long stretches of time. If they are so keen to stare at their screen then why not make sure they do it on the move. Modern phones pretty much all come with inbuilt pedometers, which essentially just count your steps as you go about your day. Using this as a foundation developers have crafted many titles that use your steps as progression or currency in the games themselves. From Fitness RPG where your steps have you visually adventuring through a fantasy realm to Walkr, where your steps take your rocket ship around the galaxy. Here the more you walk, the quicker you progress and unlock perks; these games are great for those who love games already but are easy to get to grips with for newcomers.

Geo-location Apps

Another neat trick your phone can perform almost out of the box is mark your location. This makes geo location apps possible, by using your IP address your phone can mark your quite specific whereabouts. This bundled with the ability to check with satellites makes for a new and exciting way to track users. This has been used in several ways to get people moving, from doubling sight-seeing up with geo tagging, where you can use your camera to spot anything from street art to mountains to tracking bike rides and runs for instant stats and routes to share. This is a fantastic function that has also been gamified, games like ‘Zombies, Run!’ mix running with a story that can get immersive very fast. On the other hand, the incredibly popular Pokemon Go saw millions leaving the comfort of their rooms to head outside and catch tiny monsters. This means although not everyone may be naturally into the outdoors, there is still hope that with the right idea we can get the world more active.