The Best Hiking Trails in Balkans

The Best Hiking Trails in Balkans

The Balkan countries are the new hot destination for many travelers. Historical sites, famous places seen in trending movies or TV shows, a wide range of entertainment, good prices, delicious cuisine, and incredible nature attract all kinds of travelers. Rumor has it that the Balkans offer the best hikes in Europe, so let us find out what are the best trails and most adventurous peaks of this peninsula.

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

Plitvice might be called one of the most beautiful places in Croatia as this huge national park has old woods, waterfalls, and the well-known colored lakes. Here you can choose the different hiking trails according to your skills, equipment, or amount of time you have available. Also, you can choose to hike alone, with a group or with a guide, as a result, do not be afraid to try it even if you are a beginner.

All trials are indicated by alphabetical names and the managers of the park will explain and recommend the best option for you. The entrance of the North has A, B, C options and the entrance of the South offers three trails named by E, F, and H. Some trails are crossing each other and sometimes other vehicles such as bikes, buses or boats can be included. All trials are adapted and prepared to the hikers, so you will find the informational signs with the history of the park, special places to take some rest or lunch. Different trails include different highlights of this park.

Valbone – Theth in Albania

Albania is not a member of the European Union yet, as a result, the flow of tourists is smaller here. However, this country should be called a paradise for hikers. The Albanian Alps can offer many different trails for beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals. The trial Valbona to Theth is a part of the Valbona Valley National Park, so all trails are well prepared and adapted.

This trail is marked with red and white signs to not be confused with other trials that are crossing this path. Here you will go through the river, wood of pines, and little villages, so you will be able to explore the life of locals or taste some traditional food. The trial is a little bit challenging because a few peaks are involved, and the weather is hot usually. However, many resting areas are arranged on the way, so you will be able to take a moment for a lunch or admire the landscape.

Drelaj – Kuqishte – Babino Polje in Montenegro

Montenegro is another hidden treasure of Balkans. The nature and landscape of this country will make you speechless and the variety of hiking trails is almost endless. We offer to try Drelaj – Kuqishte – Babino Polje trial because it is going through the glacial lakes and the views are amazing. This path is the most difficult, intense and the total length is almost 16 km, as a result, prepare yourself with good shoes and comfortable clothes. It is recommended to finish it in two days, so you can stay at one of the campsites, sleep in a tent and enjoy the night sky up in mountains.