UTV Trail Recommendations in America

Taking a once in a lifetime UTV or ATV trip is a beautiful feeling. The freedom to ride and experience the challenges and reliefs, the wilderness and vastness of open roads. There’s nothing better. If 2018 is your year for UTV or ATV adventure, then it’s time to start thinking about where to go. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Monte Carlo is well known for being the height of extravagance, the home of high-stakes poker and the place to be for F1 and rally driving, but thankfully, you don’t have to go any further than America to find the greatest UTV trails in the world.

The Paiute Trail in Utah is the largest of its kind in the world and often ranks as the number one place to drive ATVs in America. The large network of trails spans thousands of miles over four counties and takes in stunning rock formations, lakes, dense forests and plenty of wildlife like deer and herds of elk.

The main trail is around 270 miles long and takes several days to complete, especially if you stop to take in what’s around you. Camping is available along the way, but there are also several towns along the route, allowing you to recuperate, refresh and resupply often enough that you can buckle up and enjoy the ride with little fuss or stress.

If 200+ miles don’t satisfy you, there are also around 1,000 miles of marked side tracks around Paiute, and a further 1,500+ miles of unmarked diversions. Paradise for UTV lovers! Snowdrifts can shut down the Pahvants and Sevier Plateau in the winter, so hit the trail from July onwards if you plan to drive the higher sections. For a more accessible recreational experience, Taylor Park, Colorado, has it all, and the 1,000+ miles of tracks and trails include sections suitable for beginners as well as expert drivers. Taylor Park was a massive mining complex in the 1800s, and many of the trails are old jeep roads, adding an authenticity as well as historical significance.

Along the many trails, you can find abandoned mining structures, lakes, marinas, fishing and cabins for camping. You can also rent UTV and ATV vehicles for a reasonable price at the Taylor Park Trading Post close to the reservoir, making this a convenient trip. Grab a map of the trails to plan your route. But more seasoned drivers can extend their trip by taking side trails over Taylor Pass, Richmond Ridge or toward Arkansas Valley.

My final recommendation today is not technically in America, but it is well worth a mention as being one of the most impressive routes on offer right now. The Newfoundland T’Railway is an 883-km track that takes you on a journey across the whole island, from cliffs and beaches to mountains, over flat plains, past lakes and waterfalls, with friendly people and lots of wildlife on the way.

Although the train stopped running in 1988, in 1997, the track was repurposed into a scenic trail; one which hundreds of UTV and ATV drivers enjoy every year. All you need is the licensing and permissions, and you can take a six- to seven-day drive from Argentia to Port Aux Basques — it is heaven!